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Nhấn vào đây nếu bạn đã đăng ký thành viên Paul&Shark Club



Nếu bạn chưa phải là thành viên của Paul&Shark Club hãy đăng ký ngay bây giờ.


Người thắng cuộc của Tháng

  • Tháng ba 2016

    My name is Mr Patrick Balcarres and I am a keen collector of Paul & Shark menswear. I would like to make two suggestions, the first of which I feel will make it more efficient to collect miles. I think it would be good idea to place the miles redemption code, on an additional label, possibly where the garment care label is, on the sides of the insides of Paul & Shark garments. Potentially this could be placed on a similar label as the authenticity number and QR code label where garment label is placed, or  miles redemption code could even added to these labels. It be even more efficient to add a QR code which can be scanned and would then lead you to the website where you can put in your Paul & Shark member number, and could then proceed to redeem the miles. My second suggestion is an app for iPhones, iPad’s and Android based devices, which would allow you to see new collections and redeem miles, which I think would also be a great idea. I feel this would increase business for your company and be a more efficient way for collectors to view new collections and redeem miles. The app would also receive a high number of downloads and be an efficient way for collectors to view and potentially purchase new products. It would also be good if the app had an option to view the nearest Paul & Shark store close to your proximity. I hope my suggestions have helped and it would be nice to see my ideas implemented. Kind Regards, Patrick.

    Patrick Balcarres, Inghilterra

  • Tháng mười hai 2015

    To whom it may concern, I do not have any special suggestions about the new products of P&S  but, I hope,  very strong idea about  gifts  that we can request with our  miles…First of all, in my opinion, maybe, the prize list is a little bit neglected….A company like P&S , I think, must not communicate with costumers with only 12 products for all categories ( kids, ladies and man). It can hardly motivate anybody to get prize from the list for loyalty. In my opinion, it is much better to make a prize list  bigger with a different products, which You could change from time to time..With such a “prize list” profile You could motivate clients to bay more and often in try to get some prize in time, before it get changed with some other product. Motivation will be extremely high with products that nobody can bay in the P&S shop, something extraordinary, unique… Sincerely.


    Slobodan Sekulovic, Serbia

  • Tháng mười một 2015

    Sarebbe utilissimo, soprattutto per i maglioni, che fossero dotati di un sacchetto da viaggio, così da poterli riporre in valigia senza il rischio di rovinarli.

    Paul&Shark merita l’elite dell’abbigliamento e a noi clienti piace essere coccolati con queste accortezze.

    Giovanni Lacatena, Italia

  • Tháng mười 2015

    I just bought my first two exceptional pieces of Paul & Shark Clothing. Specifically,  Shorts E15P0498 and Polo Shirt E15P0962.  My problem is I do not know how to match these two items with additional Paul & Shark items.  My suggestion is for the web site to help people like me who love the quality but perhaps are not the best at matching colors or styles.  Ideally, I would like to be assigned my own online Paul & Shark  Italian fashion consultant that I could “reach out to” when I need to add Paul & Shark items to my growing collection.  I specify Italian because the  Italians are the best in fashion and moda ! Mille grazie……

    Charles Robert Clark, USA

  • Tháng mười 2015

    For those of us with many P&S clothes, all us to create an online profile (that we can also access on our phone and tablet. I would like to register my purchases so that I can see what I have, so that when I go into a store, I can see what I need to complete my wardrobe and what would be a good match. P&S could also send me emails with matching attire and allow it to be ready for me in my local store.

    Burt Esrig, USA

  • Tháng chín 2015

    Dear Paul & Shark. I’m a big fan of all the technology developed and implemented in your products. It’s a very compelling reason to purchase Paul & Shark and it set you apart from the competitors. I’m writing to suggest how to make this technology more visible across the website and printed catalogs. Right now is impossible to find a garment knowing what technology or technologies it features. It would be great, for example, to search in the web for all items that feature Watershed or Spider tech. In the web or printed catalog a series of standarized icons would quickly reveal the exclusive technologies implemented in the particular garment.

    Diego Caraballo, Spain

  • Tháng tám 2015

    Buon giorno, lavoro in banca da circa 30 anni, ed anche l’abbigliamento esibito dalla mia categoria si è modificato. Anche per incontrare le nuove esigenze legate all’ambiente, è diventata prassi l’utilizzo di un look più informale, rispetto al classico completo scuro . Di conseguenza, specialmente nelle giornate più calde, è ammesso l’uso delle polo, come sotto giacca, al posto della camicia classica. Dal mio canto, sono un elevato utilizzatore delle Vostre polo in filo di scozia, eleganti ed al tempo stesso fresche”. Mi è sorto un suggerimento da inoltrarVi: perchè non create una linea di polo in filo di scozia, da utilizzare come sotto la giacca, con il colletto a camicia, che determinerebbe una maggiore vestibilità ed eleganza? Cordiali saluti

    Andrea Berto, Italy

  • Tháng tám 2015

    I am reminded every year of the elegant designs and smart style, so I take a good look at all the items I would benefit from in the next few months, my birthday is in the middle of summer just as the winter collection is becoming relevant.  However every year I need to be reminded of my account ID. Luckily your website efficiently reminds me, so I log in to check the total and to have a look at the collection. I usually end up in Sorrento at some point during the year and enjoy the lift upstairs to the men’s to try on a new shirt or trousers. Mustn’t forget to record the item online, could you include a QR code this will make the process easier. Thanks and keep up the great work.

    Christopher Griggs, England

  • Tháng bảy 2015

    Ciao, a tutti voi di P&S Club, butto giù un’idea un po’ cosi, perché non fare un abbigliamento idoneo anche per la palestra?  Come ad esempio una maglia supertraspirante e che magari abbia un taschino dove riporre il nostro amato iPhone/iPod…A sostegno della mia idea dico solo che andare in palestra fa starbene nonché essere la moda del momento. Aiutatemi ad essere glamour anche durante il mio allenamento. Grazie mille a tutti. 

    Davide Maltese, Italy

  • Tháng sáu 2015

    I live in London and love Paul & Shark clothing but it is very difficult to find a store that stocks a really wide selection of the  season’s collection – as is the case across Italy. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world with tourists from all around the globe, many of whom would flock to a flagship London store. The store would sit well in the West End of London – for example in New Bond Street. As well as a wide selection of clothes the store could also perhaps include an alteration service so that customers could get expert P&S tailors to take up trousers etc. Finally a big plus for me would be to have on hand some Italian fashion advisers to assist customers in putting together really good looking outfits.

    Andy Blake, UK

  • Tháng năm 2015

    “Creare una linea esclusiva esclusiva in onore-omaggio alle 4 Città Marinare: Amalfi, Genova, Venezia, La  Spezia”

    Ho pensato di tradurla in inglese così è comprensibile a tutti sul sito “Creating a new exclusive line, honouring the 4 maritime cities: Amalfi, Genoa, Venice, La Spezia” Grazie

    Gabriele Bellezza, England

  • Tháng tư 2015

    Hi, my suggestion is 2-fold: 1.I think you should allow people who are making suggestions to upload a document or a picture, it could be their design for a new clothing item, or a modification to one of your existing pieces. 2. in line with number 1 above, i would like to see some pants with the P+S logo (just the shark) on the part of the front pocket where your hand slides in (only on slanted pockets – not jeans-style ones). Thanks for your consideration.

    Jeff Heckman, USA

  • Tháng ba 2015

    I am wearing Paul&Shark clothes for more than 10 years. Here are my comments: They are mostly about pockets :) Another seriour issue is lack of cotton jackets and vests. Many of your customers (I am just one of them) don’t like to carry hand bads. They like to put all necessary small things in the pockets. And they want to wear jackets and especially vests from natural materials also. n1. You don’t produce enough summer polo shirts with a breast pocket. I wear only them in summer, but I since 2011 I manage to find only 2-3 shirts per season. And the most beautiful models you produce without breast pockets. When it is hot and you go out without a jacket or vest, you need pocket on the shirt. n2. Winter cooton polo shirts with long sleeves could be interesting, but this is less important issue, because in winter everybody wears smth on top. n3. It is impossible to find cotton vests of your brand. They could be great for summer. Last year you introduced a cotton vest. It was sold so out so fast, that I did not have a chance to buy it. n4. You stopped producing light jackets from cotton, wool and silk. Why? Before you did and I still have some, but they are old and I don’t wear them. n5. Please produce more vests and jackets with breast pockets. n6. Please produce vests and jackets with as much amount of pockets as possible. I did not buy many of them during last years just because they did not have enough pockets although the models were good and nice in general. It’s a pity. It costs you up to nothing to add pockets. And you only reduce their amount. Hope you will find my suggestions useful and they will help you to increase sales. Best regards

    Oleg Popov, Austria

  • Tháng hai 2015

    Dear Paul&Shark, I think updating the P&S app would be very appreciated by all your customers. It’s been 1 year since last updating and it’s sad that a classy brand like you has a n app not working properly! The new spring/summer collection is not on; it’s impossible to check the amount of miles I gained; the store locator says that the italian shops are not i Italy… Many many troubles! Fixing all these looks urgent… But much more could be done: adding miles directly from mobile for example, and a FAQ section, quick links to customer services and so on…A classy brand like Paul&Shark should be always the best.. Even in my hand! Thank you all for all the beauty you share with you wonderful style!!

    Paolo Boiardi, Italy

  • Tháng một 2015

    We are very pleased with the quality of your classic pullover knitwear. My husband has his for ten years already but the the color and quality of the fabric is just very impressive. I have recently bought him another pullover knitwear with P&S’s latest three in one Kompact technology made in cool touch wool. The design is smart and the quality is undoubtedly good, however, the wash care instructions give us no option on how to keep this particular knitwear looking its best. The wash care label says do not wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron nor do not dry clean or remove stains with solvents. And it further indicates that special cleaning is needed for the leather part. I believe that suggesting a wash care method would be very handy to avoid doubts. To be honest, I still don’t know what the suitable care method is necessary to maintain this knitwear’s good quality. The details pertaining to this item are as follows: item I13P0086 color 506 Lot 74797-3 with serial number 8055110759623.

    Armine Boado Pena, Netherlands

  • Tháng mười hai 2014

    Dear Paul & Shark, Hello my name is Anjum Mahmood and i am a 16 year old boy, I am from the united kingdom and as you should know that this time of year gets very very cold at times, So i wanted to buy a winter time jacket, So i had looked around for some jackets then i came across the Paul & Shark Hooded Padded Jacket. It had a beautiful design to it  but at my age it is all about the colors and features of the jacket,  I like clothes that stand out to the crowd, so i came on to the website and amazingly i came across the suggestions which i could give my feedback to the company and maybe also win a prize. So i got brain storming, and i believe i have came up with a great idea, Which would strike at alot more customers to the clothing, My idea is instead of making jackets boring and dull colors, Why not liven the clothing collection up, By inserting bright colors and  different types of materials, for example inserting reflective mesh to the main body part of the clothing, then making the sleeves navy polyester with the Paul & Shark anchor logo on the sleeve. Me being part of the younger generation, I would actually go for the jacket if it included my suggestion, I am very certain that a lot of people would to because we are living in 2014, Two days away from 2015, These days people are into all sorts of styles and fashions with different type of clothes, If you would like a more better understanding of my suggestion, Then i would be more than happier to sketch my idea on to a piece of paper with a more in-dept view on my idea. Yours faithfully

    Anjum Mahmood, England

  • Tháng mười một 2014

    Gentili signori e signore, today I was looking around on your website, I am a faithful customer of your amazing brand but to be honest, I wasn’t on your website for a long time now. Firstly the new design looks great and it’s very interesting with the new articles (for example about the companys hstory) to be read here. But the new features here to open a new window (e.g. Men, Women, Icons, Technologies etc.) are very sensitive…I wanted to insert a code of a jacket’s label but the window with the Men’s collections opened 5 times…it would be great if you would fix the time you have to draw the mouse icon over the title to open the window. Thank you and best regards.

     Eric Hammerschmidt, Germany

  • Tháng mười 2014

    A)Excellent idea your miles programme. Only problem was that it is very difficult, to identify the receipt number. Your store receipts, have so many numbers, that I had to try various combinations ….until finally I discovered your receipt serial number. It is really upsetting when you try so many times to get the right number. Please give us an example, the same way you are giving the example of the item tag.

    B) The garment I bought, has a special pocket, for the mobile phone, which is lined with a fabric made of stainless steel fibers, to protect against the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone. This is a great feature !!! and an excellent SALES TOOL. 1. This has to be advertised, also promoted ….. explained to the prospective buyer. 2. I didn’t know about this feature, I discovered it after I bought the jacket 3. Your store sales people, should know about this feature and promote it accordingly.

    C) The jacket I bought is of great design. You supply the jacket with a hood, also you provide a special pocket for the hood to store (around the collar). ONLY problem is that the hood, no matter how tight you squeeze it…it doesn’t fit inside the pocket of the jacket. Why? This is small detail, that creates a sad feeling for something you buy with great enthusiasm.

    Ilias Kremezis, Greece

  • Tháng chín 2014

    Buongiorno a tutto il team, io e mia moglie, vostri affezionati clienti da anni, amiamo parecchio il vostro stile; ma ultimamente usate scritte troppo grandi. Secondo noi, chi sceglie i vostri prodotti non lo fa per farsi notare, ma per la qualità  effettiva dei capi. Inoltre dovreste potenziare la linea femminile di polo con manica a tre-quarti perché sono sportive ed eleganti allo stesso tempo. Alle donne piacciono molto, ma avete pochissima scelta.Grazie e buon lavoro a tutti.

    Alberto Alessio, Italy

  • Tháng tám 2014

    Здравствуйте! Мне 27. Сейчас 2014 год и Ваши вещи легкоузнаваемые во всем мире! Раньше, в конкурентной гонке, было жизненно необходимо размещать логотипы везде где только можно, а сейчас, мы узнаем производителя по качеству и дизайну, и только те, кто делает свое дело с максимальной степенью ответственности, может позволить себе спрятать логотип.

    Buongiorno! Ho 27 anni. Adesso siamo nel 2014 e i vostri capi si riconoscono facilmente in tutto il mondo! In passato tra i concorrenti era necessario di mettere Logo su capi dappertutto, adesso noi riconosciamo il brand per la qualità e lo stile. Solo le aziende che fanno il loro lavoro con la massima responsabilità possono permettersi di nascondere il Loro Logo.

    Hello! I’m 27. We are in 2014 now, and your garments are easily recognizable all over the world.  In the past was necessary to put the logo on the clothes the “rise” between the other competitors but, nowadays, we recognize the brand Paul&Shark for its quality and style. Only the brands that work professionally can hide their logo.

    Zozulya Eugeny, Russia

  • Tháng bảy 2014

    Hi P&S,    I really enjoy your clothes, especially the shirts, which is the first brand I can say fits perfectly for me. Thank you.    I would suggest that you had, here on the homepage, a size indicator so customers and especially new customers can see the fit of the garment, before taking often long trips to the stores.    Kind regards

    Henrik N. Jensen, Denmark

  • Tháng sáu 2014

    Hi P&S Team. I have noticed when I was looking at the items that you can purchase by redeeming your club points that actually these have not changed a lot over the past 4 to 5 years since I joined the club. Wouldn`t it be a better opportunity for your loyal customers to actually be able to redeem points against items of the current collection so that we can always get something that is up to date ?

    Wuyts Johon, Belgio

  • Tháng năm 2014

    Hola, soy un nuevo socio de su magnifica marca porque acabo de adquirir por primera vez uno de sus productos. La verdad es que llevo tiempo detras de los mismos pero no ha sido hasta ahora que me he decidido, creo que sois la marca de ropa para hombre con productos mas bonitos y de mejor calidad, eso si por contra los precios a veces obligan a pensarselo un poco.  Seguro que en el futuro sigue adquiriendo sus prendas, el tema de hacerse Socio y poder registrar las prendas para adquirir millas para despues poder canjear por regalos, me parece simplemete magnifica, compensa un poco con esto lo que comente anteriormente del precio sus productos.  Solamente una cosita en la web española a la hora de Registrar Millas, uno de los conceptos aparece como “Recibo N.”, me costo saber que era poner los digitos de Codigo de Barras, podian modificarlo en ese sentido, asi como el de “Estilo N.” por Item, como aperecen en las etiquetas.  Nada mas, saludos. Sigan así.

    Chico Luis Julio Cesar, Spagna

  • Tháng tư 2014

    Buongiorno P&S, sono un Vs affezionato cliente da diversi anni ormai, tante cose sono cambiate in tutto questo tempo escluso ancora una: le maniche dei vostri indumenti (per lo più maglioni e polo a m/lunga) sono troppo corte rispetto alla taglia acquistata, possibile rivedere la linea (data la comoda vestibilità dei vostri indumenti) e farle di base di almeno 1 cm più lunghe? Spero gradiate il mio suggerimento, anche se magari non verrò premiato.

    Davide Maltese, Italy

  • Tháng ba 2014

    Dear P&S team, As a loyal P&S customer, I register my newly bought garments for miles redemption. However, I noticed that the connection to P&S Club website is not secure (it is not https). This means that all traffic to this website can easily be intercepted. Personal codes can be read which means that user profiles and redemption miles (!) are at risk. I therefore suggest to secure the P&S Club part of your website. Kind regards, John Pauwels

    John Pauwels, Netherlands

  • Tháng hai 2014

    I’m a P&S customer for a long time. I bought almost 30 years ago my first sweater with the shark logo and now my son begins to use this brand too. I can say that these garments are neverending and excellent quality. Personally I prefer the basic items and I do not really like the prints. I think that you can ask the dealer to load the points on the Miles redemption form thus avoiding to store the receipt for a long time.

    Antonio Raffaele Chiera, Italy

  • Tháng một 2014

    Dear P&S Team, Your garments are the best : always topnotch! I’ve seen many comments on the club and the encoding of miles… which is indeed a little bit too

    Laurent Philippe, Belgium

  • Tháng mười hai 2013

    Estimado equipo Paul & Shark, soy usuario de su marca desde hace algunos años, la gran calidad de sus prendas bien vale lo que cuestan. Como muchos otros compradores de la marca, el momento de ingresar los codigos de las etiquetas en su pagina web resulta en ocasiones engorroso, aprovechando las ventajas de la tecnología, han pensado en implementar un codigo QR con los datos de las prendas que adquirimos? simplemente tendriamos que escanear con nuestro celular (iphone o android) este codigo e inmediatamente registrar la venta. Agrdezco su atención. PD sería genial contar con calcomanias de la marca en un formato mas pequeño, inclusive la iconica de metal. Saludos.

    Alejandro Hernandez, Mexico

  • Tháng mười một 2013

    Sweaters that have pockets at the waist should have the bottoms of the pockets secured to the sweater. I find that mine tend to drop below the waist if I have anything in them. I like to use them for keys and phone but they hang down and look bad.

    William J. O'Brien, United States

  • Tháng mười 2013

    My suggestion would be to have an online store for gift cards. I tried to find this and couldn’t, therefore I believe it doesn’t exist. I am looking to buy a gift card for 300 EUR for a friend of mine…

    Titus Hanke, Italy

  • Tháng chín 2013

    Unfortunately my P&S Blue Denim Jeans after short use had both front pockets torn inside through normal wear and tear, risking to lose coins or keys. They had to be mended but existing blue-grey lining was very fragile, contrary to jeans material in general. My recommendation is to have pockets made with double lining or with inside coin-pockets to prevent early damage.

    Hans-Peter Euler, Germany

  • Tháng tám 2013

    I have recently made my first few purchases of Paul & Shark items. I have worn designer clothing for years, but the quality of these garments is a step up in class. The retailer I used stuck their price label over the information I needed to enter in order to redeem the miles on your website. One of the swing tags was also missing, so to eliminate this problem I wondered if it would be possible to print these details on a permanent label inside the garment instead.

    John Hudson, United Kingdom

  • Tháng bảy 2013

    Dear P&S Team, I am a member of P&S Club and after every purchase I have to enter all the information printed on the garment hangtag in order to get miles. Furthermore, it is written in the club’s rules that Paul&Shark reserves the right to request, at any moment, a proof of the purchase (copy of the receipt or ticket). Therefore, my suggestion is following: – it might be easier for everybody if Paul&Shark stores will accept P&S club cards and credit miles automatically right after the purchase; thus, no need to keep receipts for long time. Thank you very much for considering this suggestion. With best regards.

    Oleh Moysak, Austria

  • Tháng sáu 2013

    After visiting the very smart and user friendly Paul & Shark official web page i noticed that as you scroll through each item that is in any of the clothing collections, that as the mouse cursor hovers above the specific garment on that page the picture slightly scrolls around so as to provide a better view of that particular garment. I feel that a ZOOM option could be a better option as it would enable the viewer to see in more detail the item that’s being selected. Thus enabling the potential shopper with a first hand view at what it is they are looking for in a garment. I feel that given this tool, the shopper would be able to make up there minds on whether or not that garment is for them without even having to visit the store. Personally i always have found this ZOOM option invaluable in helping me look at what it is im most interested in purchasing.

    Paul Conway , United Kingdom

  • Tháng năm 2013

    Dear Paul and Shark, Many people (including myself) remove the white label with washing instructions inside of the clothes. Especially for shirts and Polo-shirts because the white label with washing instructions can feel irritating and uncomfortable to the skin. The problem occurs when you have to wash the garments. I can’t always remember the proper washing instructions and sometimes I get in doubt what are the best washing instructions for e.g. cotton, wool and silk. And the white label with washing instructions is of course lost when you need it! I suggest you make a “washing guide/instructions” section on the home page to get an easy overview of the recommended washing instructions for different fabric (e.g. cotton Polo-shirts, silk shirts, wool pullovers, waterproof jackets etc.). Or even better (or additional) I suggest that in the overview of the “Miles Status” of the P&S Club there should be a picture of the item registered next to the item code. Then it is easy to keep a visual track of the items bought (and connect them to the item code) and when you click on the item code (or picture) you will get the proper washing instructions for this specific garment. Then you will never be in doubt how to take the best care of your beloved Paul & Shark product. Best regards, Jesper Mogensen Denmark

    Jesper Mogensen, Denmark

  • Tháng tư 2013

    First, for the polo shirts from the Kipawa collection should be made a coverage for buttons, because it appears unaesthetic. Also a leather case for iPad would be very suitable for a fan of the brand. Secondly, I love this brand, especially for the quality, but should be improved online experience. First, on the Store Locator section, please add the e-mail of each store for easy communication. It would be very helpful a customer service system with real-time Chat function to resolve problems quickly. Also, a Forum might help more customers in choosing products, sizes, colors and stores. A blog that regularly post would be useful for detailed presentation of products, including many photos of each product. One way to see availability in stores seems very interesting, because no lose the time for repeated visits to the local store. An online ordering with delivery only in stores, would help in cases where the product I am looking for is not available in the store. For mobile application, a “Driving directions to the store” section is needed, if I’m in another city or country and want to go shopping at Paul & Shark.

    Andrei Marin, Romania

  • Tháng ba 2013

    lease bring back the metall looking shark logo sticker on (some of ) the purchased clothes!! they look great on the back of your car! Hans from The Netherlands

    Johannes Langen, Netherlands

  • Tháng hai 2013

    Migliorare le cerniere doppio cursore dei giacconi Typhoon 20000 invernali, con altre più robuste, e fatte in modo che non si impigli il tessuto. In sostanza, c’è un doppio problema: si impigliano nel tessuto – anche facendo attenzione – e il cursore si consuma rapidamente. Questo appare il punto debole del capo, più volte ho avuto questi problemi, come segnalato al Vs. Customer service. Visto che ne ho comprati diversi, oltre a molti Vs. altri prodotti da molti anni, non mi offenderei di ricevere in omaggio un altro giaccone Typhoon 20000 taglia XXXL (penserei di essermelo meritato….).

    Lamberto Basan, Italy